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Rx Concierge

As prescription costs soar, employers and their employees, especially those with chronic conditions, are facing hard choices when it comes to managing their health care. Rx Concierge is our innovative solution helping to not only immediately reduce pharmacy spend, but to mitigate future risk while improving outcomes.

How Our Pharmacy Benefits Management Program Works

Our pharmacy team analyzes your pharmacy claims utilization every day to identify cost-savings opportunities big and small. We work with the prescriber to facilitate a conversion to an appropriate, equally effective, lower-cost alternative medication. The prescriber then works directly with the patient to make the change. It’s that simple. See Rx Concierge in action.

Our Technology

Increasingly, for-profit companies are entering the pharmaceutical market with promises of lower costs, but no clinical support. Using our hybrid technological and clinical review, Rx Concierge results in high-quality care that focuses on proper medication and safety. Rx Concierge not only reduces pharmacy spend but identifies gaps in care, reveals duplicative treatments, and provides protection against adverse drug events.

Our powerful and proprietary intervention engine discovers savings opportunities daily, but what sets Rx Concierge apart is that each recommendation is reviewed by our clinical pharmacists to ensure savings and safety. We‘re not just managing risk, we’re improving outcomes.

Pharmacy Savings Guaranteed

Rx Concierge guarantees savings year over year, which explains our 100% retention rate for eligible groups. In fact, most of our groups are achieving savings beyond their guarantee.

*Results may vary based on formulary design


Average Annual
Savings per Converted Drug


Claims Analyzed


Total 2023
Group Savings


Covered Members


Members with a Converted



Savings / Member /


Comparing 2-year trend: 2020-2021 to 2022-2023
Top Drug Class Savings*


Rx spend for groups not enrolled in the program spent 19% more on diabetes medication

Mental Health

Rx spend for groups not enrolled in the program spent 18% more on mental health medication


Rx spend for groups not enrolled in the program spent 9% more on gastrointestinal medication

Zero Risk. Big Returns.

Risk-Free and Guaranteed Client Savings.

Health Plans.
Higher Adherence.
Lower Spend.

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